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The 2021 harvest is underway ...

For the past few days, all our little hands have been in action in the vines.

Thanks to the good weather, we allowed to start harvesting our grapes in mid September. Our entire team has been mobilized in the field. Passers-by admire the waltzes of tractors and skips in the middle of the vines.

From dawn, our little hands take care to check the quality of the grapes and the health of the vines. The machines take over and start sorting the grapes and bunches according to their size and color in order to determine the future blends of our wines.

The year 2021 was difficult for the wine world following the frost. Fortunately, we have maintained a good quality of grape which quantitatively fills our reserves. We are happy to share our current daily life with you and we look forward to having you taste this vintage in the coming months.



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